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I have been a psychologist for more than 17 years and a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec since 2011.

With a university degree in Psychology, a master's degree in clinical sexology and a master's degree in public administration, I have worked both as a clinician in private practice and as a mental health manager in the health and social services network.

As a psychologist, I have accumulated experience with different types of clientele including adolescents, couples, persons with intellectual disabilities or autism and immigrants. Moreover, my background as a manager gives me a particular understanding of mental health in organizations and subjective problems such as burnout, anxiety, adjustment problems, etc. I have also worked with a number of organizations and individuals with mental health problems.


In my practice, I use Behavioral, Cognitive and Emotional Therapy (BCT). These therapies are based on theories derived from scientific research. BCT techniques work at three different levels: behavior, cognitions (thoughts) and emotions. The goal is to act on one or more of these three variables to achieve a beneficial change for the client.

The effectiveness of these therapies has been widely demonstrated for anxiety and depressive disorders, as well as for most psychiatric disorders and in the field of behavioral medicine. (Lacombre and Servant, 2020)

Moreover, by using a solutions-based approach, I am able to help people find concrete tools to improve their situation and encourage decision making. The client therefore has an active role in his therapeutic approach by being the main actor in his change process.


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